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SOCIAL CONCERNS COMMITTEE strives to address the issues of social need and concern withing the parish and the larger community it serves in an advocacy role on behalf o the needs of those in need. Below are some of the activities St. Jerome participates in.



The Social Concerns Committee is thrilled to share that this year of 2020, 303 Boxes of Joy were shipped on  December 8th.  We serve as a Distribution Center, so St. Jerome Church sent 153 boxes, St. Charles Church 40 boxes and Saint Mary’s School System in Paducah sent 125. You have made Christmas very special for these children! . Thank you for all who were willing to shop for a young girl or boy so that they might have a Christmas gift for the first time in their life. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.      

It's time for change!  St. Jerome has joined the Hope Center once again to help change lives through their annual Baby Bottle Fundraiser in January 2021.  Parishioners were able to take a baby bottle home, fill it up with coins, cash or a check (made payable to Hope Center) and return it to the church by February 28, 2021.  Please pray for the ministry of Hope Center .  (Reminder:  Please return all bottles, we lose about 100-125 bottles every year and the Hope Center has to replace them.  If you do not plan on returning, please do not take the bottle.)  Thank you in advance for your generosity!


The month of January in the Catholic Church is recognized as the month for the Sanctity of Human Life.  Once again our parish will sponsor the Spiritual Adoption Program.  Monthly reports will be given through the parish bulletin describing your baby's development and your child will be born in October. In October there will be a baby shower!

The Spiritual Adoption Program saves the lives of unborn children at risk of abortion.  This is accomplished through intercessory prayer.  Individuals pledge to pray daily for nine months for the life of an unborn baby to be spared from abortion.  Although the child is unknown to the person praying, God knows the identity of the child and hears the prayer asking for protection of the unborn child.        

Here is the form you can fill out online and when you hit submit it will be sent to Sherry Jones.

Spiritually Adopt-A-Baby

Jesus, Mary and Joseph
I love you very much. I pray to you for the unborn child that I have spiritually adopted whose life and health is in danger.

Keep this portion.


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