20 State Route 339 North, Fancy Farm, Kentucky 42039

What's New!


     Have you noticed an addition to our campus? A Little Pantry-Blessing Box is located near the grotto. The idea is simple. The box is a miniature food pantry receiving non-perishable items from those who want to donate and offering it to those who need them.

     A suggestion came from a parishioner who has a heart for the poor, Joseph E. Toon, Jr. The idea originated with Jessica McClard of Fayetteville, Arizona, who started her Little Free Pantry in March 2016 and in recent years and months has become popular locally. There might be several reasons why the concept has “gone viral”. It allows people to practice neighborliness and witness community by sharing their blessings and performing a corporal work of mercy. It really is a blessing for both the giver and the recipient!

The motto sums up and says it best ... “Give what you can. Take what you need.”

Welcome to the newest members in our church family!

  • Nancy & Thomas Ballard of Mayfield, December 22, 2020
  • Terry Fox of Mayfield, January 7, 2021
  • Tina & Michael Elliott of Mayfield, January 12, 2021