20 State Route 339 North, Fancy Farm, Kentucky 42039

St. Jerome School & Museum

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Military Items Requested   
   St. Jerome School and Museum is working on a room in southwest corner of the top floor that will focus on the rich heritage of military service of the men and women of St. Jerome Parish and the Fancy Farm area. We hope to have it open by Picnic Day 2023.
   We are collecting military service memorabilia for display. Items such as pictures, uniforms, medals, citations, and military souvenirs are welcome. We would also very much appreciate it if you would provide a short bit of background about the item so that others can share in this experience.
   If you have items to donate to the museum, please contact Andy Elliott (270-970-5157), John Carrico (270-331-0948), Gayla Elliott (270-705-1177) or Denis Wilson (270-562-1544). Thank you for your assistance in this project.